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ECC Experiences

ECC Experiences


Wonderful employees and service. I highly recommend ECC!

Jared D.

Amazing staff and facilities, great to work with. Highly recommend to anyone looking to entertain.

Doti B.

A great place and the service and people were great ….. I would recommend it highly

ECC Experiences – 2


WOAH where do I start! Amazing staff that cared and took care of anything I needed! I can’t wait to do another show here!


Attentive staff, beautiful grounds, and wonderful food! They try to go above and beyond for members and guests alike as well as offer their services for non-profits and meetings. The Evansville Country Club is a wonderful escape right in the heart of our city ~ I encourage anyone who has not been here to come in and see what they can offer. Their membership for young adults is fantastic!


The staff here at ECC is amazing and will do everything in their power to make your day as amazing as they can! Best place in Evansville for golf, tennis, swimming, dining! Five stars all the way!!